Convert My Book Elite 2.0 2TB to internal drive


I bought a My Book Elite 2 TB a few years ago but it turned out to be rather slow and not suitable for my workflow where I want to save large amount of data without the option to wait 30-40isch minutes. That’s why I decided, instead of not using it at all - to remove it from the casing and use it as an internal drive. I am aware this will void the warranty, but otherwise I have an 2 TB drive I dont use. 

Now I know these drives have the option to be encripted.

I never run the software and never created a password / key so I guess the encription option is not on? Or am I wrong?

Do you think I can still use the drive as an internal hdd, even if I lose the data on it?

Thank you in advance! Any answer will be highly appreciate it.

It’s hardware encrypted by a circuit board whether you use the software or not. If you don’t care about the data I think you can connect as an internal and then reformat. I don’t know if this drive has a standard or proprietary connector on it. Opening the drive does void the warranty if there is any left.


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Thanks for your reply Joe! I needed a bit of reassurance before butchering the disk.

The HDD was indeed a normal Caviar Green (WD20EADS) inside with a standard Serial ATA connector.

I removed the encryption panel and then built it as an internal drive. Windows recognised it and I am currently formatting it for good. 

Next task would be to pick up a new USB 3.0 external drive for backup.