Convert an existing folder to a desktop sync folder?

Major kudos to the WD company. So far I think my new My Cloud Duo 6TB is outstanding. (Thank you!)

Running on a custom build PC with most hardware anyone would need. The My Cloud seems like a perfect solution for me as I want to share my 60GB of family photos with the other members of my family. I struggled through the less than ideal upload speeds, but that was expedited and warned about in the manual. Things got better when the flash drive was used and I finally realized that these controls are done through mobile devices and not my PC.

To expedite this process I uploaded the contents of one folder and placed it within my “family” folder so as to be shared. So far it seems that in order to share something without an invitation, it needs to be in the family folder. If it is outside of this folder, then I can only share by invitation. I don’t mind that however at that point, it appears that the invitee is only able to view those shared items from the web app and not their downloaded mobile application.

My question for anyone who can help. It took me a good number of hours spread between a week to upload all this content. Now I want to use the desktop sync option so that it will automatically update as new content is added. However, this new folder is automatically added outside of the family folder so I can’t share this without invitations not to mention the concern mentioned above. I moved my uploaded content to this new desktop sync folder, but as the manual warned, it is re uploading the same content and creating new folders with the file name plus “(1)” as a duplicate. Is their no way to get the drive to recognize the content that is already uploaded? Or do I have do delete the entire upload and let the software load this directory, and if so, how can I share a folder outside of the family folder with those who want to view through the app and not online?

Thank you in advance. I can deal with any answers given. :slight_smile:

Hi brentmuno,

You can only share the data via email invitation link with anyone if you are not uploading the data in the Family folder which can be seen via clicking on the link.

Moreover, To avoid the duplicate folder scenario, I would recommend you to delete the entire upload and let the Sync method to upload the data in the My Cloud home.

Moreover, you can refer to the note given in the below mentioned link for more information.