Control via network remote

Please bear with me, I already searched the board for “network remote” and didn’t see anything that seemed to apply to my situation.  This is a bit complex so I’ll try to be reasonably detailed.  I inherited control of a couple channels in our hotel.  Our hotel is a cheap hotel with 90 rooms in the downtown of a major city .  The owner got tired of spending 50 grand a year for cable so he had a company come in and install a dish and 50 receivers.  This was hooked into our cable distribution system for a one time cost of 25 grand and 50 bucks a month.  The setup very closely resembles a server room.  Each channel has its own receiver.  In addition we have an existing wireless network with a couple wired computers.  My boss thought a couple **bleep** channels would make the place more desirable for our clientele.  He hired a guy (he lived here but moved out about 6 months ago) to hijack 2 of the satellite channels and substitue our own **bleep** channels.  This was done by running a mini din from the A/V jack of 2 WD LIVE TV boxes.  The cables where then split into audio and video cables with regular coax ends and coax cable and run into the 2 satellite receivers.  Two external hard drives full of **bleep** where then plugged into the 2 WD TV Live boxes.  Everything worked.  If you tuned your TV to channel 45 or channel 72 you got our **bleep** channels.  The problem is that when the WD LIVE TV boxes have played through all the **bleep**, it requires me to walk down to our “server” room and use the physical remote to start them playing again.  These WD LIVE TV boxes are connected via ethernet to our network and I can log onto them but when I try to get them to play by using the remote control in my browser, nothing happens.  Nor do any other buttons I press on the browser remote have any effect.  So every couple days I have to manually restart the play cycle.  I’d like to be able to do it from my desk.  Also, people keep complaining when the **bleep** goes down - its annoying.  Can someone shed some light on why the browser remote doesn’t work?  Oops, forgot to mention I just upgraded the firmware, but I haven’t been doing this long enough to know if the old firmware allowed the browser remote to work.

Hello sneezy, can you share what model you have? You are posting in the Live & Live Plus board but they don’t have a Web UI, I’m guessing you have the WDTV Live Streaming or the WDTV Live Hub. You should be able to access each Web UI by using the individual IP for each one or you can also use the WD Remote app if you have an Android or iOS device.