Continuous Playback of Subsequent Video Files

I just purchased this device today but am thinking of returning it because it lacks a simple but important feature.

I want to use this unit to play back HD video files I’ve taken with my Sony camcorder. The files I want to play are multiple Mt2s files in one folder. The issue I have is that when the device is done playing one file it returns to the thumbnail screen that shows all the videos in that folder.

In so far as I can tell, there is no way to set the device to play back all the videos in a particular folder one after the other. Instead, after a clip is played you must select the next clip.

I’ve also noticed that if  you jump to the next video while playing another, that when returned to the thumbnail screen; the first video you played is selected and not the video you just finished watching.

The device also doesn’t appear to have the ability to sort the videos by date/time which could be annoying if the file names didn’t order the files by  date.

Does anyone know if these features/fixes are planned for the future? If not then I don’t see much use in keeping this product as this missing features makes it too cumbersome to use.

You can play files one after another by pressing the play button when you have a movie selected instead of pressing the enter button. Also, you can always hit the options button while it’s playing and then set up playback there. I don’t have the exact steps but it is possible.

As far as everything else goes, there are many annoyances with these devices. I’m surprised they haven’t polished WD TV Gen1 before introducing Mini, Live, and now Gen2. I love my Gen1 but I bought it telling myself “wow, this thing has tons of potential and if they’re releasing firmware updates regularly, it’s going to be an awesome box in about a year.” Well, I use it enough and like the features it has enough that if I didn’t have one, I’d go buy one. At the same time, I’ll never buy a device based on it’s potential again, as it leads to quite a bit of disappointment. They do release updates fairly regularly but there is so much feature adding and bug fixing to be done that it’s hit or miss as to whether they fix the bug you want or add the feature you want.

I had this continuous play question and solved it with nijaju’s info.  Thanks nijalu.  However, sequentially recorded camcorder video scenes are interrupted by a black screen showing “aac 3 audio” something.  Any way to avoid this or finding this info in the community?