Continuous flashing green light!

I have a 3Tb MBL and it seems to function ok, BUT, the green light on the front of the drive has been flashing continuously for weeks now and Ive no idea what its doing.  In addition, it periodically seems to overheat - I’m getting alerts every couple of days - I dont know if its related to what could be continuous activity (but often I am not doing anything).  Finally, one of the shares (that has been mapped) never seems to reconnect when I re-start my system - I keep having to disconnect it in Windows Explorer and re-map it, and then it is ok.  What am I doing wrong?

It seems to be you are not doing anything wrong.  Try mapping the drive from a diffferent computer to compare resuits.

Make sure that the MBL is in a well ventilated area.  The green light may be blinking all the time if the iTunes Server, and Remote Access (WD2Go),  are enabled.  

The drive is in a well-ventilated spot and I often have air-conditioning on (I do live in tropical Malaysia).  I do have WD2Go enabled, but not ITunes server.  Think I will turn WD2Go off and see what happens


Did you find a fix for this ? Having same problem with mine. Have turned off remote access and media etc.