Continuous disk scanning is making my 4TB my cloud personal storage device very noisy! can anyone help?

I set up my My Cloud device a few days ago, and notice that it seems to be continually reading the disk, which is makes it very noisy. Do other users have that problem? Is there a way to turn off this continual disk scanning?

If you search the forum (using the forum search feature) you’ll see that there are many complaints and discussions on the WD My Cloud being slow or sluggish at times with various methods used to try and fix it. It part it is due to the My Cloud scanning media files. A process which can take a very long time (days even) depending on the amount of data on the My Cloud. The other reason why the My Cloud is sluggish at times is due to the low powered processor used. When the My Cloud is performing multiple tasks at once it can sometime slow to a crawl. See the following two links for more on possible ways to fix the sluggishness.

There is also the problem that if you turn off remote access. The restsdk-serverd process writes to the disk every 10 seconds.


dear all
thank you to all who replied. this is a great community, with dedicated enthusiasts.
I’m really embarrassed to report that the noise was coming from a cable tv machine next to the my cloud server. i’m sorry for wasting time with that.
overall i’m pretty happy with the purchase. but the my cloud app for the mac is pretty limited - no photo slideshows etc. it is horrendously difficult to select multiple files and copy them to different folders etc. I have over 50,000 photos and was hoping that having them in one place would make it possible to do some easy cleaning up, operating on multiple files. does not seem to be the case. In any case, for basic operations my device seems to be working just fine.
sorry for inconvenience.

Have you mapped the drive into the Mac’s file system? This will allow you to access it just like any other disk, accessible to whatever programs you want to run.

See p23 of the user manual. Then read the rest of it.

thanks but it looks like i cannot do this as I still run mac 10.7.5

thanks, but it looks like I cannot as I run Mac 10.7.5…

You can map the drive using Mac 10.7.5. Please see the WD My Cloud User Guide (, Chapter - Getting Started, Using Mac OS X Snow Leopard/Lion/Mountain Lion (page 20 in the English user manual). While the user guide talks about mapping the Public Share the process should be the same for any Share folder the WD My Cloud device.

Or see the following WD Support document which gives the general drive mapping steps for Macintosh users.

It is recommended to read the entire User Manual as it explains how to use the WD My Cloud device and its features.