Continuous Compilation of Media Library after upgrading to firmware 1.06

Hi Guys,

Since upgrading to new firmware 1.06 WD SMP is continuously compiling media library for 4 - 5 hrs and whenever starts. I am using Network Share (windows share) and “scan on Standby only” option. After firmware upgrade I have re-set the device to factory settings as well but no joy. Does anybody has this problem.



Hi I also has this Problem with the FW bevor. The Problem Sees the 20.000 mp3 Files on the Network share. I delete the music and he Build the Library. Then I add the Music Share again. With the Last FW I did Not add the music After delete. But guess he would build the Iibrary. Greetings

I had that issue in the beginning. Deleting everything the wdtv creates in the media folders (.wdtv, xml/thumbnails etc) and letting it recreate them did the trick for me, it was done much faster.