Continuous Blinking...MBL works fairly ok


My MBL works fine however blinks non stop…I dont think that is normal.

I also noticed my Twonky keeps scanning everytime…could this be the reason. Is the non-stop scanning normal; sure its not good for the health of my MBL.

It appears the size of my MBL continues to reduce (no files added to mbl)…could this also be as a result of twonky cache ?

Kindly advice

The constant scanning from Twonky could be the reason.

What firmware version?

You could try doing a rescan of the content directories and/or rebuild database from the Twonky Server Maintenance screen.

you could also try a non-destructive factory reset from the UI / Settings / Utilities / Factory Restore / Quick Factory Restore

Mine went into this condition after firmware upgrade, and I could not load the UI, so I had to fix it the hard way.  As long as you have access to the :9000 and /UI (Twonky / MBL) addresses, you can use the drive to try to heal itself.