Continuous blinking green light

I hope this is the correct section. I have a My Book Live Duo that has worked great for years. Recently I had a long internet outage (thanks to the cable company) so my internet access was down for a week. They finally fixed it. Now my NAS (My Book Live Duo) just has a blinking green light and does not show in the network devices either on my PC or the modem admin access. After the Internet was restored and operating I tried power cycle (same situation) then tried a 4-second reset (same effect). I gave it over an hour to see if needed time. Still blinking and not showing on the local network. Since I cannot see any IP address of the device I cannot access it with a browser. Connected to the network with Netgear 10/100/1G switch.

WD discovery does not list the device. Also, it has been powered down for 2 days (while the internet was down) so I do not expect overheating to be the issue. My PC is running Windows 11 but it is not showing up on the Cable modem list of connected devices.

Any suggestions from the group?

Hi @condry,

Please refer to the article of My Book Live and Duo LED Behavior:

Thank you. I got things working.

Michael W. Condry, PhD, IEEE Life Fellow,