Continuous activity on both drives even if not accessed for days

Hi, I have a problem with my My Cloud Ex 8 TB device. After I performed a backup from USB storage to this device (ended 5 days ago) I did not access the device until now but I see contiuous activity and the devices does not go in sleep mode.

A convert process and wdmcserver takes 20-90% CPU load. If this behaviour persists, the hard drives will not work for more than a year until damaged I think.

What can I do? All media options like DLNA or iTunes are turned off.


Are there a lot of videos and pictures among the files of your backup?

If so, they cause the convert process to run the cpu at 100% for days…

See here:

Yes I have seen it. From my point of view this is a major bug, because the device won’t go asleep and the hard drive usage is much higher than it should be and will lead to an earlier death of the drives (I already had a defect harddisc with a previous My Cloud device and it took days to exchange the drive and restore it from the second one with RAID1). 

For me as a photographer, who backups thousands of images this is an absolute no go.

From my point of view, this is not a bug. It’s needed to deliver a functionality. It will eventually stop after a few days of indexing your pics.