Continual background processes

I have a 2T network drive and I am using it to back up data from my  Dell Inspiron running Win 7 (64bit).

It is installed without any issues and backs up data but recently I noticed my computer was doing something continually in the backrground that causes it to slow down when I use it and at times it locks up.

After lots of eliminating I finally disconnected the WD drive from my Router and the problem stopped.

I don’t know what is happening or if this is normal. It is a relatively recent condition. I don’t  want to leave my computer without backup and hate to have to remember to plug the network drive in when I want to backup the PC,

I am wondering if anyone else is having this type of condition and if so, has it been resolved?



greybeard38, would you kindly share with the WD Community the model number of your Network Attached Storage as a reference? This will allow more users to better help you.


Sorry, may have posted in the incorrect group.

It is a “My Book Live”

When I first joined, I was not aware of that group and posted where I thought most ppropriate.

Do you want mt to re post in the correct group?


Hi, Your description matches what I am seeing. I am a new user and just signed up here looking for information about lots of disk activity during file backup. I had originally set the MyBook to backup by file category. This seemed not to cause much background activity. Unfortunately all the files I needed were not backed up (QuickBooks data, some spreadsheets, etc). So I switched to backup by file and excluded the user temporary folders. The backup process runs with low priority, but it chews up the cache and programs take forever to load and execute when files are backing up. Does this sound like what you are seeing.

there is a setting in the dashboard whether smartware waits for your computer to be idle or not before backing up.  I’d just leave it alone for a few days, especially if you just hooked up.  It may take a while to do a background backup.

I am experiencing the same problem.

It has been about a week now and I  notice that the WDFME process runs continually at anywhere from 35 to 95%. 

In many cases I am forced to end the process so that other jobs can execute.

This seems to have started when I switched to File backup.

Here’s what WDFME does:

Problem: The backup features are designed for that Average Joe that theoretically exists somewhere, but never quite does. The first thing it does, even if *completely* disabled and non-used, is launch WDFME.EXE in the background which scans all your drives for content and categorizes it by type (e.g. Music, Photos, Video, Documents, etc…). It keeps doing this persistently, dragging down system performance so long as it is running.

read more here:!/2011/04/wdfmeexe-western-digital-smartware.html