Continual 1102 Warnings on Safepoint update after recent firmware update

After a recent firmware update, I started receiving Event Code: 1102 messages when the Sharepoint tried to update to another My Book. Source 2TB MyBook at firmware MyBookLive 02.43.10-048. Target MyBook is 3TB and at firmware MyBookLive 02.43.10-048 : Core F/W. Both drives connect through a Netgear router with 1 Netgear 1Tb Switch between them. Currently running deep diagnostic on target drive.

Can bad sectors be repaired on MyBooks? What else to do?

Bad sector can not be normally repaired on NAS devices without advanced tools and deep SSH knowledge. If either unit fails a health test then it should be replaced.

Thanks for the reply. The unit passed a deep diagnostic test, but is still apparently causing 1102 messages. Is there any way to decode from internal logs or other sources what the actual cause of the error is? E.g., a corrupted file that Sharepoint is attempting to copy?

Also, what is the magic incantation to log in to the MyBook via SSH? I have the necessary terminal program that does SSH, but keep getting “Connection Refused” messages.