Content source removed while someone watching a video now doesn't work

I have some files on my second computer here. Just videos. One directory. I have them shared. I had the WD setup to be able to access that from the Files menu it was… i went to Network Share and in there I saw that computer and that one directory of files.

Tonight someone was watching those videos and I ran Windows Update. After updating the machine needed to be rebooted. Well, since that network share was no longer available the unit froze up on me. I could not get it to go home, or power off or anything. Eventually I guess the computer was done rebooting and someone logged in.

The WD unfroze, but that “content source” is no longer available. I go to files, netowk share, windows share, and the icon for searching or whatever just keeps spinning forever.

Any ideas how to get it back?

Shoot… I posted this in the wrong forum… should be in networking.

I can’t give myself kudos? I’ve no clue how, but I solved it.

No it’s not working sorry. I had it for a second, but no luck.

I can open Windows Explorer from my computer and browse to \bedroom2 and see the shared folders on that computer, but if I go to map a network drive that computer won’t show up.

Move this to the correct forum if you can.

Okay for some reason the share shows up, but it’s laggy as **bleep**. It’ll play for a few minutes, then the volume will go bye bye. Of note, the internet and other apps play fine.