"Content Source Removed" ERROR - since 1.14.09 FW "Upgrade"

Since updating the FW to 1.14.09, my WDTV will not stay connected to the “Content Source”.

At random times during playback of .mkv files particularly but also any other files, the video stops and I get the message “Content Source removed, re-connect or change  to a different source”  then the audio drops off.

I’m connected to my PC via cable and I have a USB HD connected too.  I get this error on either source and NOTHING has been changed since everything was playing perfectly, other than the FW “Upgrade”.

I have rolled the FW back but I’m still getting the same problem.  The box will not stream anything reliably without having to keep re-finding the “Source” (Which takes ages to find, although the Settings menu tells me that the network is all connected still).

I have “Reset to factory settings” and I have unplugged the power too, to try and fix this but nothing is working.

whatever this update has done, it has affected my unit and I need a resolution please.

 I have posted before but had zero input from WD or any solutions that work.

I’m not the only one with exactly this problem and I can’t grasp why there has been no answer or fix.

Can anyone help please