Content Is King!

To Whom it may concern at WD TV,

I love the Idea and potential of this product. My family loves to sit around and watch our home movies and pictures but it needs more services. My family is a big user of VUDU, for the simple fact that they are the only streaming service that offers tons of HD movies that I can’t get on netflix or blockbuster. I don’t understand why only 1 or 2 services are adds per firmware upgrades. I would like a variety of apps to choose from. I like I-tunes, but what about adding Sirius/XM. Content is king, and which ever media hub has the most will win.

Without Content, I could just purchase a 1 TB drive and hook that up to my Blu-Ray. (but I don’t want to do that cause i really like your product. )

Why don’t you post this in the Idea forum, this way WD might see it and others users can vote on it.