Content Info for TV Specials

I was wondering how to (if you can) label TV Special episodes. I know the basic format is - TV show PERIOD Season Number Episode Number (TVSHOW.S01E01). This format works for 95% of my TV shows, however there are certain specials out that I do not know how to rename.

An example is Doctor Who Season 3 - Voyage of the **bleep**. On The it labels it as “Special”

Because of this - the format used above does not work because there is no Episode number to speak of.

Just wondering if anyone has been able to work this out.

I will love to hear if anyone have any idea about this, I also have few TV shows that have special chapters and they are not recognize at all.

For that one, try SEASON 0, EPISODE 7.   As in Dr. Who (2005)

I don’t know if it will work, but that’s how my tool for XML works…  Specials are in SEASON 0.

Thank you very much Tony. That worked perfectly.