Content Filtering

Is there a way to remove content filtering in the Video tab? I know that if you go under files, you can sort but there is no filtering. The reason I ask is because I had been using the factory firmware until recently when I upgraded to the newest version. After the upgrade, my dvd files are filtered differently. All of the files are stored the same way (Local Storage/FolderNamedByDVDTitle/Video_TS/video_ts.ifo), but for some dvds, the actual title is recognized and displayed as dvdTitle.ifo instead of video_ts.ifo

In the old firmware version, this didn’t matter because regardless of the way the .ifo file was named, it would always be displayed in its folder and all of the folders would be sorted alphabetically. Now, the dvds recognized by their dvdTitle.ifo are no longer in a folder. I have some folder names displayed while others displayed directly to the .ifo level. Since folders are displayed alphabetically before any files are, my dvds are all out of order.

I tried filering all rather than by folder but that makes an even bigger mess when all of the TV Shows are displayed by title name together rather than being separate from dvds and in their own folder according to season. I have rolled back to the originial release following this link (,342/session/L3RpbWUvMTM4NTgxMzg0MC9zaWQvNTk1bG9FR2w%3D) but this did not solve the problem.

Would a factory reset go back to the original firmware as well and remove this “smarter” filtering that makes navigation more difficult?

Factory reset won’t take you back to old firmware. if you need an older firmware you do a rollback.

That’s article 5860 on WD’s site.

I was already able to roll back to Version 2.02.16, but this is not the original firmware version that came with the live hub. I was wondering if there was a way to rollback  to the out of the box, factory setting. Thanks for trying to help and for letting me know not to waste my time resetting and uploading everything again.

A factory reset or rolling back the FW won’t delete any of your files either. You have to use the format option in the settings menu to do that or have something really bad happen. :slight_smile: