Contact WD

I have tried to register for sending an email to WD, complimenting Grace for how she handled my problem (Case # [Deleted]), but after repeated unsuccessful attempts, was not able to register.  

My suggetion to the Community is that WD needs to provide an easier way to send an email to WD!

I hope that Grace gets recognition for her fine customer service, because WD doesn’t make it easy to send feedback!

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Welcome to the Community.

I am most glad you had a positive experience with WD Support, and us Moderators will make sure to forward your request.

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I see that all the United Kingdom support numbers are unavailable.  This has been like this for some time (6+weeks).  will this be resolved ?  … 

I am a new member. WD makes it very difficult to provide helpful comments relative to their website. Today they posted an ad for refurbished equipment and it was virtually unreadable using the Firefox browser. However, there was no way to get that information to WD. Perhaps WD could nake it easier to contact their website manager.