Constant 'Server Connection Interrupted' messages on OS X Sierra

Hi all,

Thanks in advance for any assistance with this issue. I recently upgraded two Macs (a MacBook Pro laptop and Mac mini desktop) to OS X Sierra, and ever since I’ve experienced severe issues with the connection from both machines to the WD My Cloud Drive. The Mac mini is connected by ethernet and sits about two feet away from the WD My Cloud, so I don’t believe it would be network issue.

I can initially connect to the WD My Cloud just fine through the finder or WD Access, but then a minute or so later I see ‘Server Connection Interrupted’ messages continually pop up and then disappear every thirty seconds, making it impossible to do any operations with my files etc. on the WD My Cloud.

I’ve upgraded the firmware to the latest and researched this issue, but all I’ve seen are some references to problems with Time Machine (which I am not using). At this point the My Cloud drive is unusable, so any advice is appreciated.


What is the make/model of the router the My Cloud and Mac’s are connected to?

If your broadband provider is AT&T Uverse, then see the following WD Knowledgebase article:

Thanks, I have a Fios g1100 quantum gateway router. It can get an IP from the router, as I can connect to it and log into the MyCloud admin console in my browser.

My issue seems to be related to afp protocol changes in OSX Sierra, surprised other people aren’t reporting similar issues.

I’m having a similar issue. Just trying to copy some pics from my Mac (just updated to OS Sierra 10.12.4). If I copy 1-2 pics, I don’t seem to have an issue, but if I try 10+ keep getting this “Server Connections Interrupted” notification. The copy still appears to be working but is taking FOREVER. My myCloud (and my Mac) is connected via ethernet cable to a Netgear Nighthawk R7000 router. My provider is Comcast/Xfinity. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Did You solve Your problem?

Did anyone find a resolution to this issue? It’s very frustrating when the server and computer are two foot apart and in takes minutes to save a file.

Indeed… has anyone found a solution. As grant74 said… its very frustrating.

I’m getting this error on mac, too, when I am trying to copy folders of files over to my new NAS. It happens really frequently on my system; almost every minute.


Same issue here, MacBook Pro Mojave 10.14.2 connected on 5 GHz Wifi to AirPort Extreme router and My Cloud is plugged into router. I have it set so every time the computer starts it connects to drives, I am always able to access via finder and open the files I need but just after I open a file or begin to modify I get the constant “server interruption” its quite frustrating. both the drive and my Mac have static IPs.

Try this: hopefully it will work for you. It worked on my old Macbook

  1. run terminal, you can find in the apps under other folder or search for it and run it

  2. the following command will move a file to another directory, so we are not deleting.

    sudo mv /System/Library/LoginPlugins/FSDisconnect.loginPlugin /System’\

    the above command moves FSDisconnect.loginPlugin to /System, so it is not deleted and we can restore it
    if need be as seen later.

  3. the above command will ask for a password, this is your Mac user password.

  4. reboot.

if it is fixed then fine, if not restore the file as follows:

  1. run terminal again
  2. sudo mv /System/FSDisconnect.loginPlugin /System/Library/LoginPlugins/
  3. give the password and reboot. things are back to normal.