Constant restarts since last firmware update

Since going to the latest firmware my WD Mycloud 2TB restarts itself between once and five times a day with the alert shown below … does anyone know where to look to try to work out a cause?

I’ve done a quick and full scan and nothing came up.

Many thanks!

Following events are generated on your WDMyCloud .

Event title:System restart

Event description:The system has restarted.


Event code:2001

Event time:03-20-2016 03:12:18 PM

Firmware version: 04.04.02-105

Have you modified the firmware in any way? Have you changed any firmware settings using SSH? Any other devices on the local network having trouble? Have you tried a 4 second restore or 40 system reset?


Thanks for the response.

No changes to firmware.

I’ll try another system reset. Any difference in doing that via the reset button or the Web front end?

Just wondered really if there wasn’t any way to determine why this was happening … and solve that rather than doing something rather close to a software equivalent of switching it off and on again!

You can look at the logs. They are located in /var/log directory. The quickest way would be to “cd /var/log;grep restart *.log”.


OK I’ve done a system restore. But still it restarts :frowning:

In fact four times last night.

Not much in /var/log

WDMyCloud:/var/log# grep restart *.log
bootstrap.log:Not restarting sysvinit: chroot detected
user.log:2016-03-21T01:10:49.596764-07:00 di=nsXgH25tvl notice S99wdInitFinalize: System restart: current version is 04.04.02-105
user.log:2016-03-23T02:41:29.235091+00:00 di=nsXgH25tvl notice S99wdInitFinalize: System restart: current version is 04.04.02-105

This feels like a software problem - but struggling to find out why it’s restarting at the moment. Any further thoughts appreciated.

It only shows 2 restarts. Change the command to “grep restart *.log *.log.1”
user.log.1 contains log entries before user.log.
Looks like that message gets generated during firmware upgrades. What you need to do is “cp /var/log/user.log /nfs/Public” This way you will have access o the log file from you PC. Open the user.log file with notepad or other editor. Find the System restart: entry. What other entires are before this entry. The other entries should help explain why the system is restarted.


Hello RAC,

I’ve looked in all the logs and the odd thing is there’s nothing to indicate anything untoward before the restart. I’ve also checked the old .1 logs too. Nothing.

You see the restart - but before the restart there isn’t an error or a reason. Almost like the reset button was randomly being pressed.

Thanks … are there any hardware diagnostics?

I’ve done a full disk scan.

If you can understand shell code. Go to /etc/init.d. There is a file called wdInitFinalize. In this file is the message System restart:. There are other messages that should have been logged.

The code seem to have something to do with firmware updates.


I can see the log messages from wdInitFinalize in user.log.

I’ve done a grep and a sort across all the logs and there’s nothing in any of the logs in the fifteen minutes leading up to the reboot.

I’m baffled.

I might try a full restore now (once I’ve backed up the data). And leave it running with nothing on it and see if there are still restarts. In that case hardware looks most likely …

Thanks again.

Looking at the wdInitFinalize code. There is a subroutine called finalChecks.
This subroutine is the one that logs the System restart: message. But the first thing that it logs is “Running final checks… (version ${version} on ${currentRootDevice})”


Is the time between restarts constant? Like always X number of minutes or hours?

Probably has nothing to do with it it and is a wild grasping at straws guess, but is the My Cloud set to obtain the IP Address automatically? And if so what is the DHCP lease period time? Does that time match when the My Cloud is rebooting?

Good idea … but the router is already allocating a static IP address …

MAC Address: 00:90:a9:d0:2b:77
IP address assignment: Static

There doesn’t seem to be any logic to when the restarts happen - sometimes nothing for 2-3 days then suddenly a burst of four in a day.

I’m going to leave it running with nothing on it for a week now … then slowly load things back on. I have a relatively large music library (12k tracks) so it could be in that area. But if it restarts when nothing is happening sadly it looks more hardware related.

I have 63k tracks, and have no problem with restarts.

The only media issue I can think of is if the thumbnail scanner & indexing processing are struggling with some bad format file. But I don’t recall hearing reports of that causing restarts.