Constant "reading" sound on brand new drive

My new G-Drive hard drive (model 0G05368) sounds like it is constantly (100% of the time) reading data. I have just set up a new Mac, and I thought this sound was the Mac OS “Spotlight” app indexing the data on the hard drive. The files were transferred over a week ago (so the drive should be fully indexed by now), and yet the drive continues to make this sound.

If I unmount the drive but leave it turned on, this “reading” sound remains constant. I have two of these drives, and the second drive is set up as the Time Machine backup. That second drive does not make this sound at all, and all the data has been backed up to it.

The Mac Disk Utility reports no issues with the first drive, but I want to confirm the drive is OK before I risk putting it to work.

Any suggestions on how to diagnose what this sound is? Its a brand new drive, so I want to insure it is safe to use for work.

It is safe to work, some drives are just louder than others and have a more obvious working hum. If you want you can always try erasing the drive in Disk Utility to clear off any partition or data remnants or possible indexing problems.