Constant read/write noise


I have a 1TB WD external HDD purchased about a year and a half ago which Ive never had problems with until now.

For the last week or so, Ive been having a really annoying problem where the HDD will *constantly* make read/write noises, as if it’s working on something, and will only stop when I access it. Eventually the noise will always start up unless I get it to perform an action.

You can see that this gets pretty annoying when Im working in my office and suddenly a “krrtz/tsch krrtz/tsch krrtz/tsch krrtz/tsch” noise starts up.

Any way of fixing this?

There are 3 reasons the noise  the noise occurs

1 bad data cable

2 not enough power 

3 drive has failed

Since you posted in the External drives for mac  I would assume you mac is a laptop and those laptops have a tendencey of not provideing enough power to the external drive. I would suggest that you obtain a power booster cable to  seize this issue. You can call WD tech support to obtain one.If the noise still persits back up your data and if under warranty replace the unit.

Hi there, If is an apple computer run Firstaid in Disk Utility.

There is a KB 197 related to noise issues on  WD website(

I would suggest to save all your files and test the drive with Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows or First Aid in Mac Disc Utility.