Constant issues and incompatibilities being ignored and not addressed

Ongoing problem, and since WD doesn’t seem ot want to help me or address this, perhaps putting this out for all to see might help a bit. Latest firmware is also installed, which did NOT address any issues.

First off, I’m not happy with this unit at all. I am not using it for playing back ripped movies, I’m using it for events where I need video playback. In this case, a shadowcast performance were we obtained a NON-COPY protected source file from the production company, plus new source materials that I cut into the “master edit”, again, not copy protected. Added into this new original materials and it’s a bit different now.

The material is a mix of  HD content and non-HD content but that is all being handled by Sony Vegas 9.0d Professional. I export my data in a wide variety of formats, all at 1920X1080p for the final results though. The final edit is 2 hours and 10 minutes long, which includes a 20 minute intermission injected into that as part of the video file. Final output file size varies depending on what format I use to render the file. Since the main content is at 23.976fps(it was originally shot on film), I am using the same frame rate out of respect.

If I render in MPG 1 or 2, I either get sound with short playback, or FULL playback with NO SOUND. Sitting through a 7-15 hour render to achieve failure really ■■■■■.

if I render as an AVI, even using the WD requirements, I get pure failure, plus it takes forever and a day to move that massive file.

I can’t export directly to Quicktime for some stupid reason, so if I do a render from the file that FULLY WORKS in Windows Media Player and Quicktime on Mac and PC, I run it through Quicktime Pro 7 on Windows 7 Ultimate(with Core Duo Quad CPU and 8Gigs of RAM and terrabytes of drives to spare), I end up having to sit for 36 hours for this to render out, only to discover it won’t play back audio.

Seems the only thing it will tolerate are short files, MP4 and .WMV files. Not acceptable. The file size limitation on the .MP4 files is not acceptable and the quality hit is also not acceptable.

When does Western Digital want to step up to the plate?

I had to call and they said “use Handbrake”, which turned my video file into a crappy .MP4 file. Unacceptable. They claim it was because I used copyrighted material, which is true, but I’ve obtained permissions to use it for the purpose that it is being used for, and I was told that the materials are NOT copy protected in any way.

The included software is also unacceptable, not able to properly handle any of HD files thrown at it.

Anyone using Sony Vegas 9.0d Pro(64 bit perhaps) and can offer anything to share?

Sorry, I’m not someone who wants to dump my home videos onto a drive and enjoy them that way. I’m using this in a professional environment, and based on the specs and previous discussion with WD sales people, this was the only box I could find that I could afford, because true pro solutions are OBSCENELY overpriced, and I don’t want to lug a full tower “powerhouse” computer that has been battled hardened just to play this video