Constant flashing green light

Hi I was hoping sombody might be able to help me.
I recently purchased a my cloud device and downloaded some photos from a mobile phone on to it to try it out,the download finished and hours later the device has still got a blinking green light on the back of it which I understand means that it is accessing something but I don’t know what, and my router seems to be constantly accessing the Internet when the my cloud is the only thing connected to it.

It seems that the remote access apps maintain a connection, and keep communicating with either the wd2go server or (let’s hope not for the ask of your mobile data use…) your mobile device itself.

Try shutting down the remote access app, or logging out.

every device on the network will also do some broadcast traffic so it is very normal to see the activity light flashing and I would be concerned it it wasn’t

if your router or switch has port activity lights on them take a look. you will almost always see activity. normal networking