Constant flashing green light Mybook Live 3TB

Since I bought this mybook live 4 months ago the green light flashes constantly and the drive has constant activity.

I turned off all media services. Running latest firmware.

I have tried rebooting the device repeated times and sometimes it manages to go blue for a very short time before it starts flashing constantly again.

I try to do a diagnostic and it sticks at 90%.

I rebooted the drive and it completed the diagnostic with no problems and it went blue for a bit but once again it starts flashing constantly.

It flashes when it’s not plugged into the network and it flashes when no computers on the network are active.

I am terrified that my precious backups on the drive are being put at risk from all this unnessecary dirve activity and will eventually cause the drive to fail prematurely.

Any help?

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Hi, see if the following link heps.If the problem continues, I recommend you to contact support directly. 

WD My Cloud, My Book Live or My Book Live Duo is unable to enter sleep mode after being left alone for more than 20 minutes

Service & Support

I have the same problem, and I’ve checked that nothing is running, as suggested in all those points. 

I have disabled the media serving, checked that iTunes was disabled & hadn’t magically started, disabled remote access, & then rebooted (from the Dashboard interface). 

It’s still flashing … 

I found a solution that nobody has suggested before. I have sent this to WD support to resolve my case.

I have several folders as a login item on OSX and spotlight is indexing it. 

I removed the folders from login items…

It’s not the internal OS of the drive indexing itself it’s spotlight indexing it all the time.

  1. Connect the volume or drive you want excluded to your Mac. 2. Open the System Preferences application. 3. Click on Spotlight, then click on the Privacy tab. 4. Drag your volume or drive into the Privacy menu to exclude them from Spotlight’s indexing.

The drive happily sits with a constant green light and it even sleeps and goes blue!

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