Constant drops to hardline connections on DSL

Hey guys,

I just started this account and i was reading around but never found anything that pertained to my exact situation. Here is a brief description of whats happening.

I live in a fraternity house and we have 9 people living in the house. We go to school at a smaller University of Wisconsin school and our ONLY internet provider is Centurylink. We have the fastest internet they offer in the area (that would be 10Mb). Well for that last month or so we have been having constant drops to our hardlined connections. But at the same time the wireless internet still works fine. We have a DSL Modem/router that runs two CAT5e cables from it into 2 separate 5 port linksys switches.  The cables that run from the router to these switches are plugged into uplink ports on the switches.  There are in total about 7 hardline connections and 3-5 wireless connections at any time.  The problem is that our hardline connections drop every 10 minutes or so for about a minute but the wireless is unaffected.

When we notice the most drops is when we have 3 guys playing battlefield 3 at the same time. 2 of them are hardlined straight into the modem and the third is on wireless. The 2 hardlined guys will drop from the game and get disconnected from xbox live. the third guy will be able to continue playing as though nothing happened.

Im sure that im missing information somewhere but this situation is getting very frustrating. If there is anyone that can help please do. We are all out of ideas. Also, on a side note, when we pick up our corded phone and press a single button, instead of being silent, we can hear music playing. Its very quiet but is there.

Thanks for reading!

Sounds to me like fighting over the bandwidth… Does your ISP provide a management tool for data package distribution or control?

You need to contact your ISP provider, it seems to be a ugly issue here…