Consistency issues WD Black SN850 NVMe

Hi WD,

After reading the Dutch Tweakers tech news site, I came to the conclusion there are definitely some issues with your SN850 NVMes. Which needed to be solved in firmware.

So my question is: When can I expect WD Dashboard be ready to apply the new firmware fix (611110WD)?

I currently own 3 SN850 drives, so I rather would like to get these issues fixed asap! And since you are rejecting to accept the chat support (I will try to post it via the forum).


Melroy van den Berg

Currently its still the old firmware:

Have you heard back on this front yet?

I’ve also got an SN850 (2TB version), running firmware version 611100WD as depicted in your screenshot. Running into the same stability issues regardless of whether it’s connected to CPU or PCH lanes.

No issues with other drives that I’ve tried (Samsung 970 Evo or Samsung 980 Pro) - though they don’t match the performance of these SN850s.