Considering Purchase - Sentinel DX4000

Hi -

We’re new to the forum and looking for a simple storage solution for home media content.  Currently we have a WD MyBook 2TB mirrored/RAID1 setup (so 1TB actual storage space) that we’re about to outgrow.  We want to upgrade to something with enough space to grow with us for several more years.  We don’t want or need media serving, ‘the cloud’ or anything fancy; we just need a basic simple external drive that can do RAID1 and give us 3 or 4 TB of storage (so 6-8 TB total capacity), with room to add drives in the future if needed.  Does this sound like the Sentinel DX4000 would be a good solution? 

The Sentinel or the My Book live Duo would be good options.

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If you just want storage there are a lot of NAS devices out there cheaper than the Sentinel.  If the data has any value to you, you should consider being able to back it up.  For example if you got  two WD boxes, you could then load the clouberrylab add-in and sync the data to both boxes