Considering Purchase-One Question

Hi, I did a lot of research before deciding this is probably the unit I need but haven’t been able to clarify one issue…  I would be using this primarily for accessing an external drive on my PC from my TV in another room wirelessly and want to make sure it will function and play a movie on the TV and allow me to use my PC at the same time.  My daughter will be using it most of the time in the living room and I want to be able to use my PC in another room at the same time.  Might sound like a silly question but I’ve seen a lot of these players that only mirror what is playing on your PC and that doesn’t work for me.  Thanks for any advice you can give me.  Misty :slight_smile:

this should do what you want

the only questionable item in your post in the wireless

if your network is properly configured, you shouldn’t have any problems

but if something is not quite right with your network set up, or your too far from the router, you’ll have difficulties, particularly with HD content

Thanks so much for your input, KAD79…the router and the TV are only about 15 feet from each other through one wall…I’ll cross my fingers and hope it works.  We have tablets and laptops in the house that work in the various rooms on Wi-Fi so I’ve got my fingers crossed this will do the trick.  My only real concern is whether I can use my computer at the same time as the media player.  Thanks again!

Mistybug >>>>  My only real concern is whether I can use my computer at the same time as the media player

As mentioned previously, if you have a good , modern wireless router and units are not too far from one another, it all should work fine, wirelessly.  The speed of your router could be a factor, and if you are using wireless G or better, it likely will be OK.  If you get stuttering during the movie being watched, it indicates your data is moving too slow through the network.  Router (wireless) speed is a major, but not the only cause of this.

You won’t see anything is going on, on your PC while the movie is being streamed to the media player, and the movie playing on TV won’t be affected by “normal” PC use.  Athough if you are running a program that really crunches data (eg, a program to find the next prime number) your PC’s processor could grind to a halt and affect streaming.  But, since most of us don’t run programs like that, you will be OK. :wink:  Neither your PC use nor using the media player at same time should cause you any problems.

Suggest you set the WD to access the drive on PC through media player’s “Network shares” and not “Media server” setting.  It will be less problematic this way. 

Be assured, you have selected the right brand and media player model for what you want to do.