Considering options

Hello, thank you in advance for assistance and apologies if asked in wrong location

Considering purchase, Currently 300+ DVD collection backed up to DVR-MS (MPEG) with seperate .srt as required.

Prieviously using Xbox 360 media extender with Metabrowser for Metadata and Images and using MediaBrowser within media extender, reason for switching lack of subtitle support.

Wired ehternet connection, PC with attached USB storage devices (3TB thus far)

Primary use to make life easy for wife, children and me (that would be through clearing out my dvd’s off the bookshelves…)

Trying to work out the following questions

Will my metadata and images/backdrops work with WD Live?  If not how would I achieve this? (probably the most pressing question for me).  

Will subtitles automatically play when sitting in the same folder as the movie with same name?

Again, thanks in advance



1- Most likely, no.

2- There is an option that you enable, that will display the subtitle automatically, if they are in the same folder.

Hello cuernudo,

Thanks for your reply.

I have noticed browsing the forums that I occasioanlly notice coverarts for TV shows and Movies.  Are you able to advise how this is achieved or point me in the direction?  I sense that this devise is customizable with themes etc.



The WD TV Live and the Live Plus are not capable of using themes, only the WD TV Live Hub and the WD TV Live Streaming are capable of.

AH, thanks, I think it must be the WD Live Streaming must be the unit I am refering two, I beleive I must have had my wires crossed