Considering getting a hub - a question re:copying to drive

i currently have an older wd live & a wd elements ext drive. HDMI to tv and cat5e to a win7 pc network. Was originally thinking about getting a NAS but i see that maybe the hub will do what i want. i stream movies via the network to the live and i use the attached ext drive to back up movies i wish to keep. i am pretty happy with the way things work now but…the only thing i hate is i have to move the element drive to the pc to copy movies over. (i also have 2 other WD element drives attached to pc as additional back up) i wished i could use the windows desktop to just drag and drop files to the media player drive. it looks like the hub can do this as far i can tell. Atleast to the internal drive of the hub. the thing i cant find out is if that also includes the attached ext drive on the media player. i hate having to have to use the media players menu to move and copy files as it too tedious and clunky. Tho it appears atleast with the hub the user interface is much improved compared to my older wd live. so … bottom line:) Can i drag and drop files to the attached ext drive on the hub from the win7 desktop?

Yes, you can, but it is painfully slow and with large files like BD rips it can take hours. The external USB drive is really the best way to move large files or big chunk of data to and from the Live Hub.

thanks. was in the store today and almost bought the hub. but now not sure if i want to go this route as sounds like it

be too slow to move files around.

guess i go back to my original plan of getting a NAS and almost got the my book live. but there again a problem. i see no USB connection. so while i could network it i can see no way to connect to the wd live.

looks like the only WD solution is the WD live Duo. that or some other NAS system and 2 WD red drives.

Hey Blintok57,

I currently have a 3TB NAS that i use for main storage of all my media and it works great with the WDTV Hub. Uploading files via wireless network via FTP I get 7MB/s which is plenty fast. Through windows transfer I get about 1.8MB/s which **bleep**… (of course all these numbers depends on your wireless router settings)

I would recommend getting a NAS for sure

so after almost buying the hub on Friday i ended up getting one on Sunday. After consideration i really did not need the USB drive to be attached to the HUB. Once files were copied over i removed the usb drive to the computer to be used as an extra  back up drive (that drive makes 5 - that is in addition to the computers internal drives + hub drive)

so far i am happy with my purchase. Worked flawlessly out of the box. DL the updates, found my network and asked to copy over files from external. happy to see the WDlive hub icon under the win7 network folder.  copy/move/delete is super easy now… New interface is much nicer looking on the hub. Still learning about the features. wondering why it found some box art for some movies but not all of them. more RTFM i guess.

the manual says that the power button puts the device to sleep and a 5sec hold on button powers it off. But does the drive actually go to “sleep” (as in stop spinning) in the morning (with the computers off) i put my hand on the hub and it still felt like it was spinning. so just in case i started to turn it off via the powerbar switch.

do not want to burn out the drive. would not be as much of a concern if the drive was user upgradeable like it is in the Live duo NAS

Yes, the drive does sleep when in standby mode. What you are feeling is probably just the fan, which I think is always on. Congrats on the new hardware.