Considering Buying But

Hello there. I have recently been considering to buy a My Book World Edition II 4 TB. But I want to know a few things.

1- I have game images that are way larger than 4 GB. So I need to use NTFS file system. Will I be able to do so?

2- Will I be able to still use Mionet (or any other same type software) and access my files over internet when my pc is off, even after I convert my drive to NTFS?

3- Will I be able to use that Mionet software without any extra payment in order to access my files over internet, upload files to my drive over internet, access to my files via iphone?

4- Will I be able to ditch Mionet and use any other same type application?

Hope you can help me about those pretty elementary questions.

Thanks a lot.

I have MBWE white light 2 tb, this uses a linux based OS so I think it is the same for the 2 so you will not be able to format it ntfs. Read this thread

You should be able to access you unit from the internet if you know your ip address and your router is set correctly. I suggest have a read though the forum pages and also use google all the best M

Thank you. I have been searching about those stuff since I posted that message. And I found out that even if it runs on Linux, another NAS device called Synology lets you store files larger than 4 GB (I guess it has something to do with Linux distributions, I donnow) and Synology has iphone apps. Plus you do not have to pay extra for remote access. Besides Synology’s products are pretty much favored in online reviews (as far as I can see). Dont get me wrong. It does not make sense to be talking like an advocate of another product here in WD forums, but that Synology thing looks much better. Anyway, the stuff I asked about one post earlier made me think twice about My Book World Edition II and now I’m not gonna buy WD. Thanks anyway morphy, for your help.

i have a my book world ii 4TB for a year and spent 11 mo’s to fix the freezing problem it had when uploading files to it. it would freeze after uploading several Gb to it and require hard reset. with the collective linux skills of the fellow board members…this is finally corrected for me. you should probably try a synology but i hear they require technical background more than other nas devices. im sure you could figure it out but all nas have their pluses and flaws.

I can say nothing but I agree with you. I’m jumping into an adventure by buying such an advanced device like Synology. Will see…