Considering buying as PS3/Laptop replacement

Currently I either stream from my laptop to my PS3 (using PS3 Media Server), or copy files to my PS3 and play them from there. Unti now I’ve been happy with this setup, however after seeing a few videos of the WD Live Hub UI, I’m really considering buying one. I will still use my PS3 for Blu-ray (and gaming of course), but it seems Sony have really missed a beat with regards to home entertainment. Something they may address with a future firmware update.

On to my question. Can I copy files off the WD Live Hub? E.g. can I view it on my home network and copy files from it to another machine?

Secondly, has anyone got one of these in their living room, but stream content to a TV in another room? Possibly a TV with a wireless adaptor that can connect to the home network? I pressume if this is the case, the WD Live Hub’s UI will only be available to the TV it is plugged in to?

Many thanks.

You can access the media in the live hub’s hard drive from any computer or media player or tv with wireless adaptor that is connected to your home network. You can set the live hub anywhere in the house and access it any room as long as it is connected in the same network but of course, the live hub’s UI can only be available to the TV it is plugged in.