Considering a WD Live Purchase

i currently have a Netgear WNDR3700 router which has a USB connection for file sharing built in. Was just thinking to buy an external 2TB HD and connect it. I am not sure of the performance difference between going through the USB connection vs.the WD live.  Can anyone provide some guidance?


Well, I have same router as you and WD Live 2TB.

With WD Live I usually get around 45megabytes/sec stable speed when transferring large files.

In these holiday I will try to connect external usb (seagate 320gb) to the router and tell you about speed (only thing that I removed default “crap firmware” from router and installed “dd-wrt” which is far more stable and superior  - dunno how it will afrfect usb hdd speed).

45 mb sounds reasonable … let me know how your testing goes