Considering a My Book Studio LX2 or an iomega eGo 2GB

I have a brand new iMac and want to back up the tons of ■■■■ I transferred into iPhoto and other programs.  I am considering the two drives mentioned in the subject line.  What would you guys recommend?  Do you favor Time Machine or do you use the WDC software?  Is there a way to keep the WDC software off my Mac if I get a WDC drive.

The iomega is about $15 cheaper and appears to come with no “bloatware” or unwlecome software.  If you feel uncomfortable replying via this post because of possible “flaming” you can respond to whorton5@y a h o directly.  Thanks!

Since no one responded and I confirmed that iomega doesn’t plant any unwanted software on the iMac, I am going with the iomega.  I probably won’t be back to these boards unless the iomega drive fails

If your planning on using Time Machine, then there’s no use purchasing extra software.

I went with iomega, thanks for answering though.  If something goes wrong with the Seagate on the PCs or the iomega on the iMac, maybe I’ll be back.  Incidentally, things seem to be working fine so far for both those drives.  The true test would be trying to recover something or like with Time Machine, possibly recovering the entire system.

So if I wanted to, I could have just hooked up a WD to this iMac and would not have had to worry about any extra software getting added?

Correct.  Just don’t install the SmartWare software.

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