Connot connect to MBLD with windows 8.1 pro

When I tried to connect to my MBLD with windows 8.1 pro though network connection I get a request for the password which I put but it will not connect. I can login though IE with no issues. I can also connect with my windows 7 laptop and my vista computer with no issues. I have the latest firmware on th the MBLD. Should I downgrade if possible.

Thanks M

PS I can ftp in from the windows 8 computer using ftp software


If the connection is working on a different windows computer, I don’t think downgrading will do any difference.

Check the sharing network settings on the Windows 8.1 computer.

I went to the remote access menu in setting on the MBLD and allowed remote access, now I can get in from windows 8. I have two other NAS drives which are not WD and there was no issues with both of them in windows 8.