Connnection speed issue

hi, I’m having problems with my wdtv live. currently it is hard wired to my router which is a netgear dgn2000 and that’s where the problem starts. I’m only getting a 10 mb/s when it’s connected to the router. my pc is wired through a lan port too and is getting 100 mb/s so I’m fairly confident it’s not the router.

anyone have any ideas?

First, make sure you’re using a good cable.

It’s rare, but there are occasions where devices won’t be able to auto-negotiate properly, but a SPEED negotiation problem is usually the result of a configuration issue on the router or bad cabling.

I’ve tried a different cable and no change.

can I adjust autonegotiation settings in my router?

First, let me ask this:   How do you know it’s only connecting at 10M?   Is there an LED that’s indicating that?   Or is it just an observation of performance?

Just doing a quick scan of the manual, it doesn’t appear to be configurable.

yeah, the lan led lights up green at 100 mbps and it goes amber at 10 mbps.

I went and picked up two usb wireless N dongles, one for the pc and one for the wdtv.

I’ve set them up and I’m getting solid signal from both devices, but I’m still having connection issues. videos won’t load and when they do they run really choppy and without audio. according to the netgear smartwizard, my pc’s wireless connection speed is 270 mbps. I’ve tried to watch some videos on my macbook which is on wireless N over the network and I get similar problems, not to the same degree as with the wdtv, but still problems.

I can copy a 500 mb file from the pc to my macbook quickly and without hiccups.

the problem must be with the router? but I’m stumped as to what the problem is or how to go about rectifying it.

it’s hurting my head.