Connexion failed 904

I bought befor my holidays a WD my passeport wireless pro.
I have download the app MyCloud on my tablet. Connect it to the MPWP wifi.
When I’m in the app and try to enter into My Passeport it says: Connexion failed 904.
And so I can not enter into my MPWP and can’t upload my vidéos and photos.
Do you have any solutions ?

Have you checked if you are using the latest version of the My Cloud mobile app?

Yes I just download it. Si O lresume its thé part one ?!

The error code is mostly due to connectivity failure. Are you able to connect to the MPWP from another device or computer wirelessly?

From a computer no. We’Ve try on in an I Phone. Samsung and thé tablette…
it always sac error 904

So you are not able to connect to the MPWP via Wi-Fi at all from any device? Does your device broadcast its Wi-fi network for you to connect at all? If yet, from the computer open a web browser and see if you can access the dashboard via If no, your device maybe defective. Please contact WD Support for further assitance.