Connects, Disconnects, Connects, Disconnects.... UGH! HELP!

The other day my hub freaked out (best way to put it).  I was unable to access it from my computer and the light was blinking.  So I unplugged it and left it for a couple of days.  Figured that should be enough time for each of us to cool down.

Running the latest firmware, btw.

Plug it in, it starts up. Turn on the TV and I can see the menu screen like normal. Great

Go to the computer.  Can’t connect to that network drive (S:).  Gone. Try WD Discovery. Nope. Nothing connected

Ping the IP address. No problem. 4 pings,  <1ms response.

Try S: again, there’s the drive content.  Cool. Try to open a folder. Sorry, S: is not connected

Ping it again, loses the first packet, the next 3 are successful.

Ping again, 2 make it, one is lost, the 4th makes it.

Look for the S: drive. Gone

Ping again, 4 replies, but they’re <1ms, 1263ms, 257ms, and 178ms


What the heck is going on, and how can I even begin to address it? 

Hi, see if using a static IP for the live hub helps, if not, you can also try pressing the reset button on the bottom side for 1 second. 

First thing to look at is loose or defective network cables.

Always have used a static IP

New network cable: No change

Reset button: No change

The power light is off and this thing is pretty hot.  I can hear the fan running.

Ping times are all over the map from 32ms to almost 2 seconds, dropping a couple, speeding up, slowing down.

(Sure wish WD would have put a disclaimer on this thing that they still needed a few years of development before it would be ready for beta test)

Just out of interest does your actual hub work. Can you play media on it to your TV. Can you use internet services. It appears that you are only having problems with accessing it from your computer.

Well… I COULD use it, but not anymore.

I was on vacation for a week, so I left the thing turned off. Plugged in, but was a hard-shutdown (press & hold power button).

Turn it on now and it just site there.  The main WDTV splash screen comes up with “Loading…” under it, but that’s all. Waiting for 20+ minutes and it does nothing else.  The power light does flash not long after turning it on though.