I want to clone my desktop computer’s hard drive.

I have a new WD10EZEX, which I intend to put in a Sabrent EC-UEIS7 enclosure as the destination drive for the cloning process.  But the Sabrent device has a four-pin female connector for power, and the WD Blue drive’s receptacle is eight-pin male.

I haven’t been able to find any workaround for this problem on line so far.  Is there a specific adapter you can recommend to connect the two?


Hello kentraco01, welcome to the WD Community. Note that 3rd party enclosures are not supported. Let’s see if other users can share some advice on what enclosures are compatible.

@kentraco01, here is the installation guide:

AFAICT, the connector you are looking at is a legacy 4-pin Molex connector such as was used for IDE drives. SATA drives appear to just slot straight into the standard 22-pin receptacle on the bridge board.

As for the 8-pin male connector, are you perhaps referring to the drive’s jumper block?

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Thanks for responding.

You are correct.  Sabrent support confirms what you said.

Obviously, I have little experience with this.  My only previous use of the Sabrent unit was to copy data from a couple of older drives