Connectivity loss on 2.4Ghz band of 802.11n network - 5Ghz unaffected

I have the My Net N900 (WDBWVK0000NSL-YESN 7GB) for about a week now. 

I have noticed that internet connectivity on the 2.4Ghz band of the n network is lost. Any devices connected on the 5Ghz band still can access the internet fine. 

If I switch network bands on my laptop it has a connection on the 5Ghz band but nothing on the 2.4Ghz band.  Restarting the router seems to resolve the issue but it’s very annoying.

Firmware Version 1.05.12

Any ideas or posts that address issue, I had a look but didn’t find any reference to it so far.

Incidentally, it’s supposed to have 7gb of internal storage but I don’t have permission to paste and I can’t see anything under the ‘Storage’ section of the admin page. Have I received a dud :cry:

If you have the N900 (WDBWVK0000NSL), it doesn’t have internal storage, only the N900 Central is available in 1/2TBs. You must be referring to the 7 gigabit LAN ports on the back. From the mynet dashboard you can verify if the 2.4GHz frequency is enabled (page 24 of the manual). You can also try restoring the router to factory default, for the steps, check page 67 of the manual for the steps.


I have done factory reset. I can still connect locally via the 2.4Ghz band and see my internal network, it just won’t let me get to the internet, yet the 5Ghz band is perfect. ( Edit, the problem is intermittant so far, its working now, but tends to go down, haven’t noticed a pattern just yet)

As regards the storage, I was going by the amazon product page, where it explicitly says 7gb hard drive.

 Bummer… :cry: Bad show.

Thats a bad descriptor on amazon for certain.  It actually lists it as a harddrive.  Good luck!