Connectivity and Speed Issues

I have 2 issues right now.

  1. I have to reconnect the drives everytime I restart my PC, even though I have created the drive mapping “using different credentials” and set the user name and password. 
  2. When I view pictures from the device, it seems that the connection is not fast enough to actually process things.  The issue can be “seen” in 2 ways.  The first is that if I click on one image and use the Windows photo viewer, I can’t then advance to the next image.  The second way is that if I select Extra Large Icons so that I can view them in Explorer, they never resolve.

Anyone have any ideas on these two issues?

Try connecting the MBLD directly to your computer, bypassing the router.  Then reset it by holding its reset button for 4 seconds, then restart your computer.  You may need to use WD Link to detect the drive.