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Hi all. I recently purchased a Philips micro hifi DCD132/98. It has a USB slot and 3.5 mm link in the front and various ports in the rear for connecting to the TV to play DVD’s. So far so good. I possess also the WD TV Live media player. I want to connect this to my philips but am not able to. I have tried the AV Out (rear of WDTV) to the MP3 link of the hifi but its not detecting and a buzzing sound comes from the speakers. Should I try the Optical (rear of WDTV) since it’s an audio out and use a signal convertor to analogue through 3.5mm jack? Help!!! And thanks for listening!    

I don’t know what sort of 3.5mm cable you are using but i would use a Stereo 3.5mm Adaptor.

The WD cable has 4 pins (Video, Audio Left, Audio Right, Ground)

Your Philips is most probably expecting a 3 pin cable (Audio Left, Audio Right, Ground)

So i would use an 3.5 mm Stereo Adaptor (plugged in to your Phillips … and the WD cable red and white in … if there’s still a buzz try swapping the colors around)


P.S. i don’t know if a Optical to 3.5mm will work (Since the Phillips input is Stereo)

In any case, if you purchase both types of adaptors you’re looking at under $20 to experiment

Thanks JoeySmyth. Am currently trying out the suggestion. Will keep you posted. Am also curious…can the WD TV Live (1st Generation) be wi fi enabled? If I could do that then perhaps I could connect my music to WiFi enabled speakers. But then I would yet need to use my television set to identify songs, playlists etc.  

Don’t know much about Wi-Fi speakers … (or if they would be compatible with the WD)

I’ve only tried using a $40 Wi-Fi Range Extender on my old WD TV Live (1st Generation) 

(The powered Range Extender has an ethernet port which i connect to the WDTV Live) … it works

No compatibilty issues  (but may not be suitable for 1080p video streaming … music should be ok though)

Here’s a list of compatible USB Wireless Adaptors

Personally, the WDTV Live Streaming with built in Wi-Fi … would be the easier way to go … IMHO

:cry: It didn’t work. Used the relevant (Philips provided) cables. But no luck. The Philips did not detect the WD and only a humming sound could be heard. I fear that the DAC option too may suffer the same fate. Curious thing, this humming sound. Any suggestions from anyone out there? My previous Philips set (MCD 280) had a proper AUX IN and detected the WD and played them impeccably. Its spoilt and I can’t seem to find a replacement board, hence had to go in for a new one. Pls pls pls pls…HELP!!!

Orlando Caldeira