Connectiong two mycloud devices to network


I have a wd my cloud connected to my network and it’s running well enough.

I am now trying to connect a sencon my cloud to the network and that is not working at all. I was previously told, that it would work.

I do not want a mirror. I want the second device as additional storage, preferably as an own “drive”.

But as I connect the second my cloud to the network (router) and plug it in, there is only an orange flashin ligth on the device and it does not show up anywhere in my network area.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your support.

Kind regards


Using a Macbook Pro with OS 10.9.4, Apple Time Machine and Router.

Hi, be sure to change the device name for the first My Cloud before connecting the second, if both have the same name it will cause a conflict. To change the name, from the My Cloud dashboard go to Settings/General/Device profile/Device name.

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