Is it possible for me to connect my Wii to a WD Live TV Hub. If the answer is yes, how?

Thank you.

Well, if by “connect” you mean have both on the same LAN, then yes.

If you’re expecting to connect them directly via their USB ports, then nope… not gonna happen.  The same “nope” answer as in the other thread.

Both are HOSTS… neither are SLAVES… you can’t connect them over USB, just like you can’t connect 2 PCs to each other, or 2 printers or 2 hard drives… you need one host and one slave for USB to work.

Thanks for the reply.

Is there anything I can buy to make the connection work?

A router.

I have a router now what do I do?

rooban wrote:

I have a router now what do I do?




You connect both devices to the router.