Ok so this is very random and I hope someone might have an idea even if it sounds far-fetched or not 100% accurate. At this point I’m just throwing something out into the void hoping for some kind of response.

We have a cloud at my family’s business. I have no idea how it’s set up, what year/make/model/brand it is , no idea how much storage is on it and definitely don’t know how it’s set up network wise. I just know it works and has been working for the last say 5 years or so. (We bought the business out over 2 years ago so hence the little to known knowledge of this Cloud)
Recently we had some change of employees and our new crew can access the files on the cloud but what shows up on one computer doesn’t show up on another. We have , say at least 10, computers in total at our store. Only half have internet access. The specific 5 can access the content we need to do our job’s on a daily basis but for the past now almost, 3 weeks, our new employees keep saying they can’t find specific files. When we get on that “network drive” where all those files are stored, almost all of them are there. But like I said, what shows up on one computer doesn’t show up on another computer so we are constantly going from one computer to another to find a file. That takes up more time than it should. I am wondering if there’s a reason why one file shows up on one computer but it doesn’t on another computer? It really help if someone had any kind of inkling of an idea as to why that happens. I can only do so much for our newer employees. Please help???

First, it would help immensely if you could post the model (single bay My Cloud, My Cloud Mirror, EX2, etc.) of the My Cloud unit since directions for one may not work on another.

Second, are the people logging into the My Cloud using a name/password when accessing Shares (folders/directories)? If so because one can configure Shares for Private access they can limit who has access to those shares.

Third, how are people accessing the My Cloud? Using Windows File Explorer/Mac Finder? Using DLNA? Using some other method?

If you know the model number/name of the My Cloud unit you can visit My Cloud Support to read the My Cloud User Manual and access additional help and support.


Is this the type of My Cloud at your business, ?

You started a topic on Dec. 28th and that one was solved. If you are having problems now with a My Cloud as shown in the image I posted then you probable need to read through this User Manual, . If your new employees are using the old employees computers and they have not been given their own share this is probable part of the problem. Another problem may be with what access they have to other shares.

You just need to read the correct User Manual for the WD My Cloud you have in use.

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I’d have to see what kind it is I actually don;t know the old employees that use to work with us were vague on what we have and didn’t have so I never got a good look at it. I’ll see what I can find at work.
And here’s the weird thing I don’t know which computer is the logo-in for the Cloud???
The 5 computers that can access it (well possibly 6th now that I think about it) out of the 5, none of them have WD programs on them. None. I’ve checked and none of them have that log in thing, heck even the backup program that comes with it. So I don’t know what computer was used for setting the entire thing up all I know is we have it and use it but we are not logging into one specific computer to upload files. Which I find odd because I thought you had to have that in the first place to even use it correctly.
We are also using the Windows File Explorer/Mac Finder to get into the network drive. Some of the computers you have to use a log in credentials??? But we have the password/username for that thank god. But otherwise we’re going in the back way on this one. I thought maybe because so many of us are using it to get files and look up files along with a constant stream of uploading files to folders on it that just some stuff is not appearing.

Find out what device you have.

Then download the user manual.

Then read it from cover to cover.

It will tell you how to administer the device, how to access it using the file managers of your computers, and how to reset the admin password.

You don’t need any WD software to access the MyCloud as a basic NAS.

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Thanks to everyone that commented on this post I got it figured out!!! Sorry I never came back with an update whoops!