Connection via PC and iPad

Anyone else see this. I have attempted to connect to my 2 devices at exactly the same time via my PC and via my iPad. As the screen shots show connection made on iPad but both devices appear offline on my pc.

PC - Offline

iPad - Both devices visible.

Note the times are almost exactly the same and ignore the iPad tabs for my drives as they are always open but i am not on my home network. Is it possible that my pc connection is blocking something that my wifi connection isn’t and therefore refusing me access?? Annoying as i have to transfer files to iPad first then to my WD MyCloud.

Any help greatly appreciated before I have a rant at IT.



I would recommend you verify if your antivirus/firewall is blocking or dettering the local network connection. It may be categorizing the Cloud as foreign and ‘not safe’.

Hope this helps,

Are you at work?

Does your company have ‘dirty WiFi’ that isn’t connected to their ethernet PC network? Is your iPad connected to this ‘dirty WiFi’?

Does your company have a policy of blocking access to cloud services from their wired network? Many companies do, for commercial security purposes.

Is your work PC running a firewall? Is the company network access server running a firewall (almost certainly, unless your IT are idiots).

Many thanks for your help guys, i have just returned to work and tried my pc both through wired connection and the company wifi. Sure enough i can connect to both drives while on wifi but neither when on our hard wired network.

This is a pain but at least i now know what the problem is and can connect to wifi if i need to transfer items from work to my drives.

Thanks again.