Connection type Local / port forward / proxy relay

how can I change my connection type on my cloud home duo?
Mobile is no problem, the mobile app shows a local connection.
But over the web app, I always have proxy relay which is slower than the local or port forward.
My router is set up for UPnP and Fritzbox 7580 supports UPnP.
Can anyone help.

You can’t change it. It’s automatic. Make sure you have upnp enabled and firewall rules set correctly.

  1. What computer OS, web browser and version?
  2. Is there a VPN being used?
  3. Any 3rd party firewall, anti virus, end point protection, internet security or browser add-ons or plugins?
  4. Have you tried a web browser on your mobile phone? What is the connection mode on it?


  1. Win10, Firefox and latest version

  2. No VPN set up on my part, going over WD Discovery PC app

  3. Bitdefender

  4. Mobile phone via browser is also relay connection. Via my cloud home mobile app is local connection.

Using the File History Backup feature on Win10 is very quick compared to sync feature…33 GB in less than 30 min.

Are there any differences in speed between connection type port forward and proxy?
And why, using Desktop Sync for the first time mounting take so much longer than the Win10 File History Backup feature?

Hello, can anyone help please!

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I’m having same issues with MCH 8TB - more than 3 years after the OP!!

iphone app on wifi router says local, desktop PC connected directly to same router says relay

@anon30240336 did you find a solution elsewhere?