Connection to Yamaha RX-V671

I recently bought a home cinema receiver (Yamaha RX-V671) to utilise the network capability with my WD MyBooklive. However, on the screen on the receiver I get “No content shared!” on Mybooklive-Twonky on the display. Does anyone know how to set up the sharing possibility on the Mybook so that I can access the data from my receiver? 

What type of files are on the MBL?  The Yamaha may not play some audio codecs.

There are 2 possibilities: 1)  the MBL was connnected & ready to go but got disconnected from the Yamaha & no longer available to the Yamaha; I usually just cycle thru the “net” button to get back to the “pc” to see if MBL shows up.

2)  Somehow, Twonky isn’t doing things correctly & I either reboot MBL & if that didn’t work, have to have Twonky to rebuild its database; the rebuild of the database usually happens when I switch Twonky versions which I don’t do unless there is a firmware upgrade.

Be aware that sometimes the Yamaha may not see the MBL & you either have to reboot MBL or jus disconnect the MBL cable, wait until it either goes to red or blue/white (under the “latest” firmware) before reconnecting.  This may not happen with your RX-V671 but it does with my A1000; I usually reboot once a day.  Yamaha claims the problem is with the Twonky/MBL; believe it is the MBL as a restart of Twonky doesn’t do anything.  Also sometimes turning the receiver the MBL remains in sleep mode (blue led).

Also, remember to wait a bit longer if the MBL is in sleep mode as it has to wakeup before doing anything; such is what the environmental “friendly” we have to put up these days as being user friendly is not of a concern of the EPA since humans are not considered part of the environment.