Connection to NAS times out when logging into from desktop PC

When I log into the NAS as the Admin from my desktop PC, it takes a long time (and often times out) for the NAS to respond after entering the password. And it then takes just as long for it to display anything when I click on a new tab at the top of the Admin screen. The only other “moving part” in the connection from my PC to the NAS is the internet router, and no other devices on our system have a slow response time. Any thoughts on why the NAS is so sluggish? Thanks.

I have had this happen to me in the past, sometimes I just use a different browser. No idea why but it worked.

Thanks. Will give it a try. Which browser were you using that didn’t work?
I am using Chrome.

Dreadnot, using IE instead of Chrome did not help. Which browser did you use that worked? Thanks.